Expectations of B2B Customers

Expectations of B2B Customers

A b2b wholesale platform is now considered to be an excellent way to attract customers. What is b2b platform? It is an online platform that connects customers to your company.

While b2c E-commerce is well known, it is a b2b Ecommerce solution which is considered to be the next big thing. This is because there is a lot of growth potential in this industry. This is why various b2b platform examples can be found in the market. Some of the top b2b platforms include Shopify b2b, Magneto, and BigCommerce. You can decide which platform specifically is good for you by carrying out a b2b Ecommerce platform comparison.

However, regardless of what platform you use, it doesn’t guarantee your success. This is because succeeding in b2b E-commerce requires truly understanding your customer base.

B2B buyers are quite different from B2C buyers. This is why there is an inherent need to understand the expectations of b2b customers and then tailor the experience accordingly. Here are some of the expectations you need to keep in mind.

The need for detailed searches

Site searching is the first aspect of your b2b platform that you need to work on. Remember, b2b customers have businesses to run as well. They are highly pressed on time. None of them want to spend more time than necessary interacting with your Ecommerce website. This is why they expect advanced site searching capabilities. For instance, there should be an option to filter searches based on categories and keywords. Options like autosuggest are considered to be a blessing.

A fast experience

Most of the b2b customer expectations are driven by their lack of free time. Since these customers are not shopping out of leisure, they want the experience to be as fast as possible. To ensure that you meet this expectation, there are various ways you can alter your platform. For instance, you can allow them to access previously purchased items without the need to search for them from the scratch. Purchase history and saved carts can be possible ways to do so.

Accessible Information

Always provide your customers with all the information they need to make the decision. Also, make this information easily accessible. This is needed because b2b purchases are not simple. They are very complicated and require thorough research about the details of the product. Delivering content like guides and manuals can reduce the time your customers spend on searching for the product.


Meet your customers’ expectations. Watch as your E-commerce solution reaches new heights.

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